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Q : Can this really be used to treat the elderly?

The oldest current patient reported to be undergoing this therapy is 98 years old.
The machine cannot be used to treat patients diagnosed with osteoporosis, but otherwise age is not an issue.
There have been no reported instances of medical condition complications.

Q : Can it be applied to acute back pain?

Suspension can alleviate pain.
Even just with suspension there have been cases where a patient's pain score was reduced from 10 to zero.

Q : Can patients really treat themselves?

Anyone can enter the machine in 10 to 15 seconds.
In addition, as the treatment protocol is provided simultaneously, treatment can begin immediately after installation.

Q : There is no space to install it.

PROTEC has a footprint of 60 centimeters width by 90 centimeters depth.

Q : In introducing PROTEC, won't there be a significant burden on staff?

Although treatment varies depending upon the medical condition of the patient, treatment is generally 10 to 15 minutes.
While the patient is in the machine, the doctor or staff can attend to other patients, making efficient treatment possible.
A feature of PROTEC is that exercise therapy can be performed while reducing internal intervertebral disc pressure, but this is not necessarily required.
There are some patients who prefer to just be suspended in the machine, and due to pain or other conditions there are times when other procedures should not be performed.
This depends upon the patient's condition at any given time.

Doctors who currently use PROTEC responded to the survey question of "Do you always perform exercise therapy?" with opinions roughly equally divided between "Always," "Sometimes," and "Never." However, when asked if the treatment was effective, all of the doctors responded, "Yes!"

Q : Are there any contraindications?

In any situation, if the patient seems to feel pain or discomfort the treatment should be stopped.
Do not use this treatment with pregnant patients.

Q : Are you feeling discomfort?

Having patients wear light clothing can help prevent slippage.
In addition, please securely fasten the bottom-most of the three belts.
Even when strongly securing the pelvic area there is no sensation of pressure.