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Treatment method

The basic treatment approach with PROTEC is to simply have the patients sit in the seat, then suspend their hips.

Basic approach

Treatment variations

Potential to treat the elderly

The oldest current patient reported to be undergoing this therapy is 98 years old.
The treatment is also effective rehabilitation for alleviating muscle stress.

Patients will clearly feel the effectiveness of the treatment

In a survey of doctors using PROTEC, 93% of respondents verified its effectiveness. One in three doctors in this 93% reported that they utilize the PROTEC just for the purpose of lifting the upper body, without implementing any additional mobilization therapy.
This demonstrates that even just a reduction of internal intervertebral disc pressure is effective.
Additionally, as pain is relieved in this suspended state, patients will feel the results of the treatment for themselves.

Little effort required by practitioners

Conventional methods of treatment where patients suffering from pain would lay down in bed put a considerable burden on doctors and staff.
The chair-type machine allows for little physical effort in the treatment approach as there is no need to lift the patient’s body when performing rehabilitation, mobilization or exercise therapies.

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