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Method of entering the machine

Method of entering the machine

Patients can get into position in approximately 20 seconds.
As patients become accustomed, they will be able get into position by themselves.

1. Raise the seat to its highest position and have the patient sit all the way back.
2. Tighten the waist belts, from the bottom up.
3. Position legs in the leg holder
4. Completely lower the seat

Watch the video of how to position the patient

The three belts could be tightened further but if this causes discomfort in the chest, the bottom-most belt need not be fastened for shorter patients, or it is also possible to fasten only the two bottom belts.

- The pelvic area (ilium bone) is to be firmly secured with the lower arms of the machine (even when strongly securing the pelvic area there is no sensation of pressure.)

- The upper arms should be secured to the extent that it is not uncomfortable

- Fold the patient’s arms in front of them (this is to prevent the sensation of pressure under the patient’s arms)

- The patient should be wearing light clothing during treatment to prevent slippage

- Do not conduct treatment if the patient senses pain